2019 HEL Performance DriftCup: Dinner Dance

NewsPosted on 20th November 2019

The 2019 HEL Performance Driftcup season finished a while ago but everyone was eagerly waiting for the ‘Dinner Dance’ aka Round 6!

The drivers had battled all year on track but now it was time enjoy an evening away from the track with everyone that supported them this year including partners, friends, family and sponsors.

After a three course meal the season trophies were presented along with a couple of special awards. Rob Johnston was the first to receive a special recognition for his often thankless job of scrutineering the cars before the drivers can hit the track and lining the cars up in their qualifying and battles.

The second went to Jo Fletcher for stepping in as the Head Judge this past season, unfortunately he couldn’t attend the awards so he will be presented with it another time. Dale Kirby was the third person to receive a special recognition award, supporting the championship in any way that is needed including start line duties and lining up the cars before battles.

Dale Bradley has been around since the start of Driftcup back in 2014 and in UK drifting longer than that, standing out on the start line in all weathers. He was the fourth person to receive a special recognition award this year.

Sarah Price was awarded a Corbeau Seats harness for her determination to overcome various issues this year that knocked her confidence along the way. She bounced back and we look forward to her continual development next year.

Next up was the constructors trophy, this could go to any team of upto three drivers with their total points combined across the season. ‘Norfolks Finest’ (Josh Payne & James Fenn-Bacon) took home the trophy and a £100 voucher from Direnza Performance.

The Non Seeded class received their trophies next with Max Cotton collecting his trophy for finishing third in the championship. He also received a £100 voucher from HEL Performance, Direnza and SuperPro.

Rob Black was next up to collect his trophy for second place along with a voucher for £200 from HELP Performance and Direnza.

The Non Seeded class winner, Tom Van Beek, collected his trophy along with a voucher for £300 from HEL Performance, a 6 point harness from Corbeau Seats and a high pressure fuel pump from ASNU Injectors.

The seeded class was up next with Josh Payne collecting his trophy for third place in the championship. He also received a £100 voucher from Direnza, SuperPro and HEL Performance.

James Fenn-Bacon collected the second place trophy along with a voucher for £200 from Direnza and HEL Performance.

The final trophy was presented to the Seeded class champion, Jamie Stanton! He also collected a 6 point harness from Corbeau Seats, a £300 voucher from HEL Performance and a £500 voucher from Garage-D.

That was the end of the awards and time for everyone to have a preview of the end of season video before it hit the social media channels later that week.

It wasn’t the end of the night though as the party was just starting with Mike Lewis DJ’ing until the early hours.

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