DriftCup 2015 – Dates & Rules

NewsPosted on 16th January 2015

mauls early We couldn’t have asked for a better season with which to start DriftCup. 2014 saw the introduction of the new grassroots series to the masses that travelled to three of the UK’s best drifting venues, culminating in a sold out final round at Lydden Hill. For 2015, DriftCup will now serve as a feeder championship for the British Drift Championship by catering for those that want to try their hand at competitive drifting and, should they be successful, will see themselves being rewarded for their efforts.

The dates and venues for the 2015 DriftCup series are as follows:

Round 1: Norfolk Arena – May 9th
Round 2: Three Sisters – July 4th
Round 3: Teesside Autodrome – August 9th
Round 4: Driftland – September 12
Round 5: Lydden Hill – October 10th

Many of these venues will be familiar with the majority of grassroots drifters in the UK with Norfolk Arena, Teesside Autodrome, Driftland and Lydden Hill all hosting regular practice days throughout the year. Three Sisters is a new addition to the drifting calendar and DriftCup will be the first competitive drifting event to be hosted at the renowned venue traditionally known for its role within the go karting scene.

Round 1: Norfolk Arena
Norfolk is a staple of the UK drift scene, having played host to events ranging from practice days to BDC rounds over the years. With a dedicated and loyal local following, Norfolk looks set to kick off DriftCup with a bang.

Round 2: Three Sisters
Known as the premier karting venue in the North West, Three Sisters is a well established and extremely versatile circuit. The track began to welcome drifters during 2014 before inviting a number of BDC drivers to perform drift demos at one of their events later on in the year. With the full circuit running 1500m in length we are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing track layouts, with the modern facility having played host to numerous international karting events in the past.

The response from the drifters that were able to trial the circuit was overwhelmingly positive and we can’t wait to bring competitive drifting to Three Sisters for the first time.

Round 3:  Teesside Autodrome
Teesside will need no introduction to grassroots drifters in the UK, with the venue regularly cited as the birthplace of the BDC and playing host to numerous practice days all year long. The West circuit provides a unique challenge, with its tight, twisty and undulating layout shifting more of the driver focus onto skill and talent rather than horsepower.

The Teesside round of last year’s DriftCup was a closely fought affair and 2015’s round will no doubt be the same.

Round 4: Driftland
Driftland burst onto the drifting scene back in 2013 and has been a success story every since having hosted numerous high profile events such as Driftland Bash, Finalboss Matsuri and the first ever round of DriftCup early last year.

The circuit can be adapted to run a number of different layouts, with the high rise grass embankments and unforgiving wall paying homage to the tracks that birthed the sport of drifting in Japan many years ago.

Round 5: Lydden Hill
Lydden is another circuit that needs no introduction, with a huge number of dedicated drivers from the surrounding areas descending on it throughout the season to take part at one of the many practice days they run. With the venue having hosted numerous high profile events ranging from the BDC and King of Europe all the way to rallycross and motorbike racing, it’s an honour to be able to bring DriftCup to the circuit.

Last year’s season finale at Lydden was an awesome event with some incredible driving – we’ve no doubt 2015 will be a repeat performance!

Aside from more rounds and new venues, the biggest change for the 2015 season is the removal of the Street class. While this was a difficult decision to make, the safety concerns raised by venues of cars competing against each other without sufficient safety equipment was too prominent to ignore. We want to provide the best environment possible for drivers to enjoy the competitive side of drifting and, in order to do so safely, we have had to adjust the class and car regulations from last season.

The critical rule change for 2015 is that all cars competing in DriftCup must be fitted with a six point roll cage (both weld-in and bolt-in variants are permitted) with a minimum of a single door bar fitted on both the driver and passenger sides of the car. Dash dodger cages are also permitted (both straight leg and kinked leg variants) so long as they are also fitted with a minimum of a single door bar on both sides. Race suits are not mandatory, but they are recommended.

On top of the cage regulations, the rules remain the same as last year’s championship:

All cars must be fitted with a handheld powder filled fire extinguisher with a minimum capacity of 1kg
Helmets and driver gloves must be worn at all times on trackFire proof  overalls are recommended but not compulsory, arms and legs must be covered at all times

Cars can be modified with tubs and tubular sections but strut tops, bulkheads and chassis legs must remain in tact
All vehicles must be rear wheel drive – 4WD cars converted to RWD are permitted
All convertibles must be fitted with a full roll cage
No slick or cut slick tyres permitted

As mentioned in the BDC’s announcement regarding class and licensing changes, all BDC licensing will now be undertaken via the DriftCup series.

The Top 4 drivers in the Drift Cup series at the end of  2015 will see themselves awarded a BDC Pro Am license. In addition, the Top 4 drivers at each individual Drift Cup round will be granted the opportunity to compete in the Pro Am class at the next BDC round (subject to their cars meeting BDC rules and regulations). If a Drift Cup driver finishes in the top four of the Pro Am class of the event he/she competes in, they will be granted a full BDC licence.

As mentioned in the above paragraph, any DriftCup drivers that are granted entry to a BDC event may only do so on the proviso that the car they will be competing in meets BDC regulations. While DriftCup’s rules regarding roll cages and other safety equipment are relatively basic in comparison to the BDC’s, any drivers competing in the series with the sole aim of entering the BDC in the future may want to consider the spec of their car to suit BDC regulations.

Driver entry for the 2015 series of DriftCup opens on February 27th on the with the entry fee being £149 per round and driver numbers capped at 50 per event. Entry is open to all drivers so long as they have not competed in a BDC event in 2013 and/or 2014 and are not competing in a BDC round in 2015. Entries will be accepted via the online booking system on the DriftCup website.

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