DriftCup Kicks Off with a Bang!

NewsPosted on 19th May 2014

The first ever round of DriftCup took place at Driftland on Saturday and we are delighted to announce that everyone involved had an absolute blast! With the focus being on running a fun and relaxing event with a competitive edge the drivers were able to push their cars and their abilities to the limit while having a thoroughly enjoyable time.

The Street class focuses on drivers with drift cars that they use both on the road as well as the track, with more extreme modifications such as roll cages not being necessary in order to compete. With the chosen track layout involving both a mixture of fast, high speed sections and low speed, technical corners the drivers were in for a challenge and, at the end of qualifying, the standings were as follows:

1st: Andi Halkett
2nd: Mark Illand
3rd: Jake Blood
4th: Neil Bamford
5th: Dean Newport-Hall
6th: Brian Thompson

The Cup class is open to those with drift cars of a more serious nature featuring roll cages and additional safety equipment while not necessarily being road legal. It was in this class that we saw the drivers pushing that little bit harder, all while still enjoying themselves and having a blast at the same time! Once the dust had settled the qualifying results were as follows:

1st: Scott Cartledge
2nd: Dave Murray
3rd: Andrzej Mania
4th: Nick Jackson
5th: Eddie Amos

When it came to the battles, for some drivers it was their first experience of competitive twinning. This is exactly the sort of driving we want to encourage with DriftCup, pushing drivers out of their comfort zone with the aim of improving their skills for the better!

The first Street Class quarter final saw Dean Newport-Hall drawn against Neil Bamford, with Neil securing the victory.

The second quarter final pitched Brian Thompson against Jake Blood, a battle which saw Brian emerge victorious.

The semi final saw Neil Bamford drawn against Mark Illand, a victory that was taken by Neil due to a mistake by Mark.

The second semi final was a battle between Brian Hall and Andi Halkett , with Andy claiming the win.

With the stage being set for the final it was first time to settle the battle for third and fourth. With Mark Illand and Brian Thompson fighting for the final spot on the podium it was Mark that emerged the victor.

The final between Neil Bamford and Andi Halkett would see the winner crowned the first ever DriftCup Street Class event victor, a title that eventually went to Neil Bamford in his S14 after an unforced error from Andi.

With one victor decided it was time to move onto the Cup Class! The first battle saw Eddie Amos drawn against Nick Jackson, a battle that saw Nick emerge victorious.

Up next was Nick Jackson and Dave Murray, a victory that was taken by Nick.

The next battle between Andrzej Mania and Scott Cartledge was too close to call resulting in One More Time being called. With the battle having been rerun it was Scott that emerged victorious.

The battle for third and fourth pitched Andrzej Mania against Dave Murray in a duel for the final podium spot, a result that eventually went Andrzej’s way after the battle went to One More Time.

The battle for the top step of the Cup Class podium saw Scott Cartledge and Nick Jackson pitched head to head. Unfortunately Nick span right at the beginning of his lead run, gifting the victory to Scott!

We’d like to thank all of the drivers that competed for making DriftCup’s first ever event  a hugely enjoyable success! Round 2 takes place at Teesside on August 3rd – we’ll see you there!

Head over to the Driftcup Facebook page to see all of the photos from the event. The results from Round 1 were as follows:

Street Class:
Neil Bamford
Andi Halkett
Mark Illand
Brian Thompson
Dean Newport-Hall
Jake Blood

Cup Class:
Scott Cartledge
Nick Jackson
Andrzej Mania
Dave Murray
Eddie Amos

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