Driftcup Round 2 – Three Sisters Race Circuit

NewsPosted on 23rd July 2015

The Three Sisters Race Circuit near Wigan hosted Round 2 of Driftcup, it would be the first time that a drift competition would be hosted at the track.


The track layout looked fairly simple but it proved more difficult than first thought, the drivers would have to hold their car on the inside of the left turn at clip 1, run the car to the outside for clip 2, the first of many on the long right bend.


Clip 3 caught a few people out as they could run on the curb but not over it, dropping a wheel here could launch the car into the air as Chris Parry would find out. This earned him the Aford Awards Hard Charger award but he probably doesn’t want to do it again.


Clip 4 was an inner clip as the track opened out, the drivers were told not to stay on the lead cars door through here as the track is so narrow it could easily end up with someone on the grass or in the wall.


During practice the drivers were all surprised by the amount of grip on track, this caused a few people to struggle early on at clips 2 & 3.


Qualifying was up next, each driver would get two non-consecutive runs, this gave everyone an equal opportunity should there be a thunderstorm.


The drivers took their chance to impress the judges, this time it was down to Ryan Pothecary, Gaz Taylor and Ian Waddington to make the hard calls.


After everyone had their runs it would be Brett Perry emerging as the top qualifier, his two runs were so consistent with scores of 77.0 & 77.3.


The full results looked like this, remember that the top 3 drivers earn extra championship points.

Position Driver Name Highest Score
1 Brett Perry 77.3
2 Alexis Drew 76.0
3 Daniel Howell 72.3
4 Dan Joyce 71.7
5 Ben Fisher 70.7
6 Mark Webb 70.3
7 Richard Dalby Smith 70.0
8 Danny Grundy 69.0
9 Arron Stevens 69.0
10 Andi Halkett 68.3
11 Chris Parry 66.7
12 Lee Lawrence 66.7
13 Matthew Clark 66.3
14 Jamie Owen 66.0
15 Oliver Lewis 66.0
16 Daniel Bryant 66.0


It was a big surprise to see Jason Clark qualify, he had worked all night to get the car ready and arrived at the track just in time to unload the car and put his runs in right at the end of the session. He qualified in 13th with a score of 66.3.


Mark Webb also managed to qualify in an exceptional way, his car was out early in practice with gearbox issues and it wasn’t ready for the end of the session. He jumped into Dan Joyce’s car and qualified in 6th, getting a score of 70.3 on his second run.


All of the drivers put on an impressive show during the battles, a few really stand out though. Dan Joyce is an experienced drifter but a newcomer to Driftcup, he would manage to battle his way into the Top 4.


Brett Perry was Mr Consistent all day, the top qualifier would also get through to the Top 4.


Andi Halkett and Oliver Lewis would have a close battle to decide who would get that place in the Top 4, Andi would advance through but it was a strong effort from Oliver.


The remaining place in the Top 4 would be taken by Jamie Owen, this would give him a second chance to qualify at a round of the British Drift Championship.


The top 4 battles would see Andi Halkett defeat Dan Joyce putting him into the final, Jamie Owen would defeat Brett Perry after he missed a gear on the chase run.



Brett Perry would take on Dan Joyce for the third place on the podium, Dan made a mistake and left the track ripping off his bumper and losing him the battle.


The final between Jamie Owen and Andi Halkett was a great display of drifting, both driver put in good lead and chase runs with the cars maintaining good proximity to each other.


The judges decided that Jamie Owen had done enough to take the win for the second round in a row, the drivers got to celebrate and spray some champagne in front of the huge crowd that had turned out.



The top 4 will now have the opportunity to compete at Round 3 of the British Drift Championship at Teesside this coming weekend (11th – 12th July).


Jamie Owen sits at the top of the points table with 59 but he could move up at the next round of the British Drift Championship. If that happens then the championship would be wide open with the next 5 drivers within 10 points of each other.

The next Driftcup event will take place at Teesside on the 2nd of August. If rounds 1 & 2 are anything to go by then this is shaping up to be a great year for the championship

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