Driven Racing Oil backs DriftCup

NewsPosted on 19th February 2018

It is with great pleasure we can announce we have a new sponsor going into the 2018 season.
As we all know, one of the most important parts of any car is one that you very rarely see, OIL! It is often overlooked but can make the difference between having a reliable car and being sat on the side lines.
Driven Racing Oil recognises that DriftCup is the perfect place for bringing the already growing brand to a larger audience. Engine oil is not the only product within the range but gearbox and differential to name a few more products. For a full list please visit

We are delighted to announce that Driven Racing Oil will be sponsoring the ‘Driven Racing Oil Hard Charger trophy’ at each event on the calendar. Our panel of judges will pick one driver who stood out in their opinion during each event. This will not necessarily be a driver on the podium, but someone who impressed the judges. They may have had a mechanical failure, may have been involved in some epic battles before being knocked out of the competition or someone that has simply been awesome by performing well above their usual standard. Whoever it may be, the judges will award someone who they believe deserves some recognition for their efforts on the day.

As a reward for winning the ‘Driven oils Hard Charger Trophy’, the driver will receive a trophy and be offered an oil change for their car or equivalent lubrication for their car.
“We are delighted to have “Driven Racing Oil’ involved with DriftCup. There is so much knowledge the series, along with our sponsors can pass on to the drivers to help their development as competitors.
‘The Driven Racing Oil Hard Charger Trophy’ will give drivers a chance to be recognised for their effort and be rewarded accordingly. DriftCup prides itself in helping drivers progress in every department and we can’t wait to see which drivers shine in 2018”. Mark Buckle – DriftCup director.

Driven oils started out as a development program for one of the most successful NASCAR teams in history, the Joe Gibbs Racing team. They discovered that unlike most products, newer isn’t always better when it comes to engine oils as when the modern oils were updated to the latest standards, they started to see a rise in engine failures on the dyno. This was identified as mainly being due to reduction in anti-wear additives and increase in detergents due to tougher environmental standards. This led them to start developing their own range of oils and to begin with, only a very small range of niche engine oils were available but over time their range has grown to include all forms of lubricants needed for competition race cars and performance streetcars cars too. Driven racing oils are now seen as one of the leading niche oil producers in the world for high performance engines and classic engines.

Steven “Baggsy” Biagioni runs Driven XP9 in his VQ35 powered PS13

“Drifting is quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of motorsport and we are extremely excited about the opportunity of working with Driftcup for the foreseeable future. Having attended many drift days myself, it is clear to see that there are some serious bits of kit getting built for drifting and the demand for good quality oils and lubricants is increasing because of this.”

“What we have found is that there is a massive lack of knowledge in what lubricants should be used for different applications. Standard road oils are great at protecting your average car engine during its intended use but when you take that same car and instead of using it to take your kids on the school run, you fit a massive turbo and use it for competition drifting instead, then the factory specified oil suddenly becomes inadequate and can cause serious damage to your engine. Drifting pushes an engine to its limits and there is an inherent difficulty of keeping engine temperatures steady whilst maintaining angle due to the lack of airflow, it is in these conditions where having the right oil can make a tremendous difference”
“Our aim is to save drivers money in the long run by providing them with the right advice about which oil will provide them with the best protection for their engine” Axel Hildebrand – Anglo American Oil Company ltd

Driven racing oils is distributed in the UK by family owned business Anglo American Oil Company since 2005.

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