Driver Profile – Stuart Maclachlan

NewsPosted on 26th February 2015

Those who have been around the drift scene in the UK for a number of years might recognise the name Maclachlan.

Stuarts brother Phil competed in the BDC for a number of years in various cars from an S14, a Mazda RX7 and an LS powered S bodied Nissan.

Now its time for Stuart to start his competitive drifting in the Drift Cup in 2015.

His choice of car is a BMW E36 323


The car has the basic modifications needed for Stuart to make the car drift.

A differential from a 1.8 of the same make to alter the gearing,  this has had the drift modification of being welded.

First Drift Day

The car runs on Apex RDX Coilover suspension, the whole car has had it’s sloppy rubber bushes replaced with polyurethane variety from Powerflex.  The steering has had rack extensions fitted for that little bit of extra lock along with extended arms for an addition amount of track.

A full roll cage has now been fitted to meet with regulations along with a fire eater system.

First drift

Stuart will be part of a team along side Simon Conoscenti . Judging by this final picture it looks like we’ll have to wait as we what the car looks like now!

The Paintjob

Stuart has gutted the interior to save weight and give the car a better power to weight ratio. The plan is to increase power before the start of the season so with just over 200bhp and plenty of hard driving he should be one to watch.


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