Entry for DriftCup 2017

NewsPosted on 2nd January 2017

These are the details you need for entry to DriftCup 2017

Please be aware that drivers who competed in every round of DriftCup 2016 will be offered full season entry before tickets go on sale.

There will be a maximum of 60 drivers per round.

The top 8 from each round will be offered a place at the following round of the British Drift Championship, entry fees will apply.

Full season places will be on sale first, these places will guarantee a place at each round during 2017. Not only that but drivers who compete in 2017 will be offered the chance to attend various events throughout the season.

Please be aware that once round one has been completed there is no option for a refund for full season payments. The only exception to this rule is if a driver gains a BDC licence then the outstanding entry fees will be returned.

The cost for a full season is £795

Full season places will be on offer from February the 5th at 8pm until February the 7th at 8pm. Full season tickets will then be removed from sale.

All places will be available from here > DriftCup Shop

Single round entries will be taken on the 8th February at 8pm. Entry per round will be £159.

*** There will be a 3% admin fee on all entries ***

Single round entries will be given the first opportunity to take a place at the following round. This will continue throughout the season. Should you not take up the offer by the deadline given your place will be offered to the person on the top of the reserve list.

*** All places are none transferable ***

If a round by round driver can not make an event, we ask that they contact us asap to allow us to offer a driver on the reserve list the chance to compete. If you wish to miss a round and continue to compete at the following round a refund will not be issued.

The reserve list

We will start a reserve list once all places for round one have been sold. To be placed on the reserve list we required you to send an email to info@driftcup.co.uk with your contact telephone number.

If you are offered a place at any of the rounds and do not accept the offer, you will be placed at the bottom of the reserve list.

With the number of drivers which are given the chance to compete at the BDC, we expect there to be a large turn around of the reserve list in 2017. Be prepared for an email or phone call as late as the day before an event.


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