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Get Involved

It’s a question we get asked almost every day: “how do I start drifting?”

Drifting is actually one of the most affordable forms of motorsport to take part in, with a perfectly driftable beginner-friendly car being available for less than £1000. Practicing is also relatively cheap in comparison to other motorsports, with many practice days being available at tracks for as little as £40 for a day.

Any rear wheel drive car is a potentially suitable drift car; Nissan 200SXs & Skylines, older BMWs, Ford Sierras and old Volvos are among the most popular models here in the UK, with E36 BMWs and other older models being the most affordable and easily available.

Only basic modifications are required to turn one of the above cars into a drift car suitable for a beginner, with coilover suspension, a supportive bucket seat for the driver and a locking or welded differential all being key modifications to make (all of which are extremely cheap to purchase and fit).

Once you’ve built your first drift car, you’ll naturally want to go drifting! There are a whole host of practice days across the length and breadth of the country that cater for both beginners and advanced drivers alike – details of which are available in our Links section. We would recommend attending one of Santa Pod’s Drift What Ya Brung days to begin with, as their array of open area playpens and courses marked with cones to reduce the chance of a potential crash!

If you have any questions or wish to find out more, we advise heading over to the Driftworks forum where there are many threads covering how to get involved with the sport.