HEL DriftCup 2019 – Entry details

NewsPosted on 21st December 2018

HEL Performance DriftCup will have a new look in 2019. For the first time since the series began, it will now take place over 2 days.

Day 1 will be called HEL DriftCup unseeded, day 2 HEL DriftCup seeded.

Each day will consist of approximately 50 drivers.

Day 1 of the events will be for those wishing to enter HEL DriftCup who have not competed in the series before or who did not scored points in 2018.

Day 2 will consist of drivers who competed in HEL DriftCup in 2018 and scored points during the season. They will be joined by the top 3 drivers (who wish to compete or who are eligible) from the following series:

  • RDC (Retro Drift Championship)
  • SDC (Scottish Drift Championship)
  • Diemax Challenge
  • King of the Ring

Drivers on day 2 will joined by the top 4 (if they wish to compete) from day 1 (unseeded) of each event free of charge.

If an unseeded driver qualifies in the seeded class, they will remain in that class for the remainder of the season. Any points gained in the unseeded class will not be carried over to the seeded.

The top 8 from the second day will be given the chance to head to the following round of the British Drift Championship (entry fees apply).

The entry fee to enter HEL DriftCup 2019 is £179 per round or £895 for a full season.

Those who are eligible for the seeded day will be notified how to pay via the DriftCup driver group on Facebook. If you are one of the drivers from RDC, SDC, Diemax challenge or KOTR and are not in the group. Please send our page on Facebook a message and we will get you in the group.

Unseeded drivers will be able to book via our ticket page – www.driftcup.co.uk/tickets/

Tickets will go on sale at 8pm Sunday 3rd March 2019.

40 full season tickets only will be on offer with a further 10 single round places going on sale at 8pm on Sunday the 10th March 2019.

All tickets will be sold on a first come first serve basis, only a single ticket may be purchased at a time. All tickets are subject to a 3% admin fee.

The reserve list

When ALL the tickets have sold, we will start a reserve list at 9pm on Sunday the 10th March 2019.

You must send a contact phone number and email address to our facebook page. This list will be compiled in the order requests come in.

** Please note, any message sent before 9pm or without both contact details will be ignored and deleted **

The reserve list is very popular and drivers on the list will be contacted in the order they apply.

They will then be contacted should a place become available for an event in the order they apply. If a driver doesn’t not take up the offer, they will forfeit their current place on the reserve list and be placed at the bottom.

If a driver in the top 8 from day 2 heads to the following round of the British Drift Championship, they can acquire a licence by qualifying in the finals of the Pro Am class. If that driver has paid for a full season of HEL DriftCup, a refund will be issued equalling the entry fees of any outstanding rounds.

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