HEL DriftCup Round 2 2017 preview

NewsPosted on 18th April 2017

The championship moves on to one of the most popular venues for drivers and fans. The Adrian Flux Arena in Kings Lynn has been on the calendar of many championships for a number of years.

The venue seems to bring out the best in the drivers, the tight confines make a level playing field for all.

Last year we would see two females make the top four of the event. This year the chances of a repeat are increased. Four drivers from round one are now promoted to the British Drift Championship, Mike Walton, Dominic Gates, Robbie Burgoyne and Dan Brown.

These drivers being promoted have allowed those at the top of the reserve list a place on the grid.

The first being Dave Jackson, no stranger the DriftCup as he competed last season but failed to get a place for round one. His car will be no stranger either, Dave kindly offered it to Stuart Maclachlan to use at round one. The formerly gold, now black BMW took Dave to victory at an event at the Adrian Flux Arena last year, so he is definitely one to watch.


The second driver is one of two females to join the four girls already on the grid. Laura Hinks will make a return to competitive drifting after a break of five years. We have seen Laura at DriftCup commentating at Teesside last season, so she is no stranger to the series.

We caught up with her and asked how she felt coming back to HEL DriftCup

It’s been 5 years since I’ve taken part in competition drifting and I am so excited to be getting involved at such a revolutionary time for drifting!
Here’s a little of my history, I started drifting in 2006, my weapon of choice was a Volvo 340 LOL!
I gained my BDC Semi-Pro license at Donington in 2010 and then competed at 2 rounds in 2012, unfortunately it was money that put an end to that fun!
During my 5 year break I have still been attending practice days where I can but my main aim was getting a degree in Motorsport Engineering.
With my time at uni now over I can focus all of my energy on drifting, I have been able to build myself a competitive R32 Skyline.
Drifting has come a very very long way since I started, the skill even at entry level has dramatically improved and no one gets an easy win! I’m happy that my come back is in HEL DriftCup as it’s such a fun, laid back championship… saying that I wouldn’t mind dipping my toe back in at BDC given the opportunity 😉
Last time I competed at Norfolk I qualified 12th, I’m looking to improve on that at Round 2, be competitive, have fun… Oh and own the lads.

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The third driver is another another female, Charlie McCready doesn’t have the experience of Laura and this will be her first time competing at any level.

Charlie said

I’m not going to lie, it’s a scary thought! I have only been drifting for about two years and I haven’t done many tracks but you don’t know until you try right? I went to most rounds of DriftCup in 2015 and last year and it made me realise you do not need a really pretty, lots of BHP car to compete and do well. I also saw the fun side to it and realised it wasn’t as big and scary as I thought, everyone gets on, helps each other and has a laugh. The guys and girls out there gave me motivation and I was determined to compete myself and get out there. It means so much to be given this opportunity to drive in round two. I tried so so hard to get into round one but didn’t get a ticket and I imagine the reserve list is huge! This is the start of something big for me, my goals are to have my BDC license by the end of next season…. Keen I know, but I’m determined. I can’t wait to get out there and drive on some awesome tracks with amazing drivers.


Driver four is Dave Bastin, his car has been around for a number of years and has been used in various competitions. James Roberts in the BDC springs to mind and boy did it work!

The black AE86 is built for the sport, fibre glass panels, an SR20 engine from an Nissan and it looks amazing!

Dave has had plenty of practice, driving at the Spring Matsuri at Rockingham and Lydden Hill to get some seat time. An AE86 won this event last year with a very similar set up, so watch out for Dave.


There is a lot at stake next Saturday, the British Drift Championship has reached new heights and nearly every driver on the grid wants to be there!

The finals for this event will take place as the sun starts to set at 18.30. Expect to see fireworks on track as everyone aims to be in the top 16!

Tickets are ¬£10 on the gate with under 14’s going free of charge if accompanied with an adult.

Gates open at 10am with action on track most of the day. A full and detailed timetable will be posted tomorrow evening.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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