HEL Performance continue to back DriftCup

NewsPosted on 20th January 2020

We are delighted to announce that HEL Performance will continue to back DriftCup.

We met the team at the Autosport Show to confirm that they will be backing DriftCup for the next 3 years.

Having  a company like HEL Performance backing DriftCup for the foreseeable is great for the sport of drifting. This will allow us to continue to give a platform to be involved with competitive driving.

With their backing, we will continue to allow drivers to experience driving at events and on tracks that in other forms of motorsport, due to various restrictions are simply not possible.

The DriftCup team recently visited the head quarters of the hose specialist to see their operation first hand.

Upon arrival, it was clear to see the company are very busy producing some amazing products.

As you can see, the production of brake callipers shows how popular the companies products are. Not only for the UK market, but globally.

The machinery used to create these master pieces are second to none.

The factory runs 24/7 producing fittings for a HUGE range of vehicles, both car and motor cycles. The number of different parts required to cover the market place is vast. Different sizes, threads and length means the machine rarely stop, only to be re stocked with more material to keep going.

This image is on just one machine of many that were in operation during our visit, they may produce small but perfectly formed fittings.

There is a team of staff who then fit these fittings to brakes lines which make up kits that are distributed across the world.

We look forward to the next 3 years in partnership and look forward to creating awesome events and memories.


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