Round one winners

NewsPosted on 13th March 2017

After an INCREDIBLE round one of the series at Rockingham Motor Speedway, we can now officially announce the winners!

The winner of the event was Alistair Sutton driving his E36 BMW.


In second place would be Dan Brown in his red JZ powered E46 variety of BMW.


The final wasn’t without it’s mix of fortunes for both drivers. On the first run with Alistair leading, fuel levels were low on his car. As he took the long first right hand corner his car would loose its supply of fuel, with it any power. He tried to leave the circuit so as not to impede Dan’s run, not quite quickly enough.

Dan was so close, as soon as Alistair’s car faulted there was contact. It wasn’t until both driver returned to the start line that Alistair dilemma came to light. He was honest and explained the situation, the crowd gave him a HUGE round of applause for his honesty.

The return run was set, Dan simply had to put in a solid to secure victory. As he exited the first corner he went straight on, people started to speculate whether he had deliberately pulled off track to cause a OMT. Sadly for Dan he had broken a drive shaft on initiation, with no spare on site, having replacing one shaft the day before. Dan was forced to retire from the event.

Before all this dram, Haydn Cruikshank secured his first ever podium, beating Robbie Burgoyne in the 3rd and 4th place run off.


Rob Johnston would be given the Aford Awards Hard Charger trophy. His aggression through out the day had not gone unnoticed by the judges.

The team constructor winners on the day were ‘Flat out Factory’.

Flat out Factory round 1


Congratulations to all the drivers for putting on a great show for the crowd that were present to see the stars of tomorrow today!

A full report on the day coming soon!

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