With DriftCup we aim to keep the rules as simple as possible so as to not cause any confusion or extra expense for the competitors. The rules are in place to keep the drivers safe and to help keep a level playing field for those taking part.

All drivers are welcome to enter so long as they hold a valid driving license. BDC license holders are welcome to enter so long as they have not competed in one or more rounds of the 2017 or 2018 BDC series and are not booked in for any round of the 2019 season .

There will be a maximum of 55 cars per round.

Each round will consist of practice, two qualifying runs and knock out style top 32 final.

General Rules

*** We HIGHLY recommend that cars are built to the latest BDC rules and regulations or above ***

Below are the basics rules, a more detailed version can be found hereĀ DriftCup detailed rules and regulations

Cars must be structurally sound and in good working order (no loose body panels, no fluid leaks & no fibre glass doors)

All cars must be fitted with the minimum of a bolt in 6 point roll cage with a minimum of a single door bar on both drivers and passenger side. Dash dodger cages are permitted.

A fixed back seat is required

Driver must have a four-point or better harness fitted

All cars must be fitted with a handheld powder filled fire extinguisher with minimum capacity of 1kg
Helmets and drivers gloves must be worn at all times on track

Fire retardant overalls are mandatory from June 17th 2018

Arms and legs must be covered at all times
Cars can be modified with tubs and tubular sections but strut tops, bulkheads and chassis legs must remain in tact

Front bumper bars and there mounts mounts must be no bigger than 25mm dia or square with a maximum all thickness of 1.5mm. These must not extend beyond the centre line of the wheels when viewed from the front. If you have any doubts, ask!
All vehicles must be rear wheel drive. 4WD cars converted to RWD are permitted.
All convertibles must be fitted with a full roll cage
No slick or cut slick tyres permitted – Tyres MUST be E marked.

There will be one class only, all cars must meet the above regulations.

There are of course some basic rules and more detailed rule when it come to the event. From trailer parking to judging criteria, a lot of these are explained in this document General rules

Once a driver starts a his or her first qualifying run cars can not be swapped.

Cars can not be shared between drivers at an event.

With drivers from DriftCup being offered place in the BDC, if any driver wishes to take up the offer then cars must be built to full BDC regulations.


*** BDC rules and regulations


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