Zanna Young

NewsPosted on 11th May 2016

We featured Michelle Westby in a previous article, just one of a number of women that are getting behind the wheel of a drift car.

We spoke to Zanna Young who we have seen at plenty of practice days and Matsuri events. Not satisfied with those, Driftcup is her next goal!


I discovered drifting in 2013 when I came across drift experience days online and thought it looked like fun. I booked on, and although I don’t think I managed a donut all day, I was instantly hooked on the buzz and the challenge of controlling the car.

That was all it took, as many people have found. The thrill of driving a car sideways is addictive, the need to get a fix for drifting becomes stronger and stronger!


2 weeks later I bought an R33 skyline, started doing every practice day I could get to, and drifting rapidly became the centre of my life. This motorsport has inspired a passion in me like nothing else. The more I learnt about drifting and the more I watched, the more I wanted to be able to ‘do that’.

Not just happy with the driving, Zanna was on a very steep learning curve. With no previous experience of mechanics, she would learn very quickly!


So there it started. I had zero mechanical knowledge or ability, but decided I needed to learn, so I could fix my car if it broke down at track, and to keep drifting affordable. A year of skyline problems and 2 engine swaps later, I was learning a lot! I was starting to get the hang of the basics of drifting too. I bought my BMW e36 for something to drift while I sorted the skyline, and soon after getting it, something clicked and my driving started to improve in leaps and bounds.

The offer to teach others is rare, but this did not phase Zanna in the slightest. Any chance to get valuable seat time was taken.


I have spent the last 2 years pushing the car and my driving, going to tracks all over the UK, and getting as much practice¬†(and fun!) as possible. I was offered a job teaching drifting, so took a year out of my normal career in quality management and worked for 2 drift schools, including the one I did my first ever drift experience with! Undoubtedly the best job I’ve ever had, but I returned to quality in 2015, to give me the funds to drift my own car as often as possible.

With all the practice under her belt, it was time to take the next step. Competitive drifting is not for everyone, deep down every drifter wants to know if they are better than the next driver.


I decided to do Drift Cup this year for the challenge, and to progress my driving with judged lines and battles. I was happy to qualify at my first event Round 1 at Rockingham, which was great practice and got me totally hooked on competition format. My goals this year are to improve my qualifying scores and consistency, start winning battles, and see how far I can progress!

With three women on the grid this Saturday, it will be great to see who can be the top female! Can one of them be on the podium or take the win!

Zanna, Michelle Westby and Belinda Challis will all be hoping its them!

Get your discounted tickets from the shop before Thursday at 8pm!

We look forward to seeing you there supporting !


A big thank you to all the photographers who provided their work.

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